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timberland n : land that is covered with trees and shrubs [syn: forest, woodland, timber]

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timber + land


  1. Forested land thought of in terms of its potential and value as timber.


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Timberland or variants therefrom may refer to:

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afforestation, arboretum, boondocks, bush, bushveld, chase, climax forest, cloud forest, dendrology, forest, forest land, forest preserve, forestry, fringing forest, gallery forest, greenwood, hanger, index forest, jungle, jungles, national forest, palmetto barrens, park, park forest, pine barrens, primeval forest, protection forest, rain forest, reforestation, scrub, scrubland, selection forest, shrubland, silviculture, sprout forest, stand of timber, state forest, timber, tree veld, virgin forest, weald, wildwood, wood, woodland, woods
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